What are free spins

It might be hard to believe, especially if you are new to online casinos, but free spins are exactly that. Free spins mean that you get to play some rounds on the slot machines without wagering any of your money.

What makes free spins even more fantastic is that any winnings you get from the free spins go directly into your account. It separates free spins from video games since you can win real money from the free spins.

Casinos use free spins as a way to entice players to wager on their slots machines. The free spins are mainly offered to new players so that they can learn the game risk-free. This way, the player can sample the game and gain some experience on how to play it. After the free spins are exhausted, players can continue playing the slots by wagering their money if they liked the game.

Wagering requirements

Free spins are common with many online casino players since they are risk-free and you have the potential to win good money. However, since free spins are mainly meant to help new players learn the game, casinos place various requirements before the player can withdraw his or her winnings from the free spins.

Wagering requirements are ‘the catch’ when dealing with free spins. These wagering requirements are set to protect the online casinos from making a lot of losses due to dishing out free spins. Picture a scenario where you get 100 free spins, and you end up winning €300. It is a huge risk for the casino, and thus they place wagering requirements to reduce the risk.

Wagering requirements are usually the number of times you have to wager you winnings before you withdraw. For instance, an online casino might have a wagering requirement of X50. This means if you win €10 from your overall free spins, then you have to spin through €500 before you can withdraw your winnings.

The wagering requirement is only set on your free spin winnings. Therefore, any winnings you gain from wagering your deposit can be withdrawn instantly. Further, if you lose your free spin winnings before you hit the wagering requirement, then the requirement is over.

Some casinos do not impose the wagering requirement. As you can imagine, such casinos are rare, and their goal is to gain royal clients from the generous offer. They also use the free spins as a way to collect potential customers’ contact information. This way, they can notify you of bonus offers and hope that you will place a wager.